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The Play Date

Play Pretend & Make Believe

“Peki Poppins”

The “Lockdown” is almost over or at least will become less restrictive, but a new, difficult reality has arrived. It will prevail indefinitely and uncomfortably.

Wearing masks is annoying and, in the beginning, was anxiety-inducing. However, it can be stylish and fun, as everything we do depends on how we approach it. Wearing a mask is almost a code of respect for this moment, but washing our hands well and having good interpersonal skills are enduring qualities we should preserve, pandemic or not.

We grown-ups should and can relax, pretend and play, encouraging our children to do the same.

My mission has always been to provide the simplest and unique childhood experience with authentic family values.

I invite you to try to play together. All have been carefully crafted so I can help you to connect with your children and eventually they will simply be kids and play on their own..

You will be transported by the world of possibilities.

Moreover, believe it or not, the idea is to connect here, using social media wisely in order to sooner than later, disconnect, switched off and have fun.

Playing is not for killing time, but it is a very effective way to transmit important messages and values that our families need now, more than ever.

Simply announcing plans and strategy to regulate our new life sounds stressful and discussing our feelings over and over again can seem quite useless at this stage.

So, let’s take a break and put some productive purpose behind it. This suggestion is not a contradiction, I assure you.

Although, I was skeptical coming up with an online/virtual proposal for learning and living, I realized that it is worth trying to use this “auto” to travel around possible and positive actions.

I noticed that having too many options online, could be overwhelming as well. Also, having something more personal helped me to perform tasks better and fed my need for more human contact, even virtually. Individually or with my online community and sometimes an instructor appointed for whatever activity, paying close attention to each other can make all the difference. From pilates to playdates, these recreational/informative and integrative activities can help cultivate emotional, physical, and mental health.

Let’s Imagine we are in a Land of Possibilities…

Guide Step by Step

  • TIME - I am available for an hour timespan, but if you are engaged on the activity with the family and prefer to disconnect, by all means do it!

  • I shall send and share some prepared materials and set-ups for the day to create a more imaginative environment

  • Parents prepare the device to connect our Zoom Meeting

  • Agendas focused on the Portuguese Language or English

  • Private tailor made sections or in group seasonal (max. 4 families)

  • Activities to start together and than practice with the family:

With Love Always,


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