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Pause Button in NYC


Two years ago, I began using knitting metaphorically, as a way of pausing and breathing, as well as a practical suggestion as a family hobby to get together to develop the ability of focusing, planning, and developing fine motor skills. Such exercises were organized to help us connect with each other in the real moment and become satisfied emotionally with the whole process of self-actualization. Also, ideally, it may afford the surprise of the creation of some self-made product . Last month, I found myself profoundly surprised with an article on the front page of The Wall Street Journal entitled "In Mindful Knitting, It's about The Journey, Not the Scarf” by Ellen Byron. In it, Byron detailed how a Google team was forced to get together at their New York office, turn off their phones and learn how to knit. In the beginning, they naturally hate the idea, got frustrated, and tempted to grab their phones. But gradually, the group grew more absorbed in making their project for a blanket that they were going to give to a colleague's baby. According to mindful-knitting specialists, their clients who got hooked on this new work-alternative habit are becoming better listeners at work and experiencing more calm at home. At New York University, medical students are benefiting from this practice because it is good for hand dexterity, according to Matt Kingery, a medical student who aspires to be an orthopedic surgeon. Years ago, I used kinitting metaphorically as a way of pausing and breathing, as well as a practical suggetions as a hobby focusing, planning, developing motor skiils, connecting with other people in a real moment and being satisfied emotionally with the whole process, as maybe surprise with a product self- made.

My post in Portuguese 2 years ago:

Todos os elementos de uma Experiência PeKi estão interligados, e seus efeitos movem-se como um novelo de lã.

Tricotando com PeKi e o efeito Novelo de Lã

“Workshop de Inverno: Tricô”

A atvidade em si, é boa para o desenvolvimento motor e psicológico, sendo um tempo para parar, respirar e um exercício para focar.

´E também, um exemplo de uma sugestão de atividade, que possa despertar um interesse comum, e sendo uma descoberta de uma nova “ tribo”. Compartilhar o tempo com pessoas que tenham o mesmo “hobby” e é essencial para o bem estar.

Pode ser uma atividade para pais e filhos fazerem juntos, e sendo assim, também, uma ótima oportunidade para conversar, contar histórias das famílias e passar mensagens de valores. E se for o caso de uma família multicultural, que busca tempo para praticar o seu idioma, está aí a chance. Essencialmente, como a preocupação dos tempos é a satisfação emocional, todo o contexto é terapêutico, inclusive o projeto em sim: planejar, executar e ter o produto final, feito com as próprias mãos.

Photo NY @camiladotta

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Next Post: Consequences for not pausing

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