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Play dates

Inspired by traditional games and play from around the world, Peki organizes play dates, whether in your home or pre-selected Peki venues, for up to 5 children. Play dates are designed to explore a theme of the day through arts & craft, music, guided playtime and a Pekinique. 


Peki offers party packages that entertain

and instruct while keeping a casual and fun environment for

you and the children. Parties are organized by Peki from

start to finish, and while we provide you a selection of

pre-designed themes, the idea is for your child to help make it happen by picking the party décor, play options and party favors. Peki works with a number pre-selected vendors and partners to ensure the quality and integrity of the Peki experience.


Special Peki Friend Joanna Cawley at 31street studio offers a curriculum class option in partnership with Peki. 31street studio teaches the basic skills of design and aesthetics through clay and other media, including paper, sand, and flowers. Classes are bundled in 10 weeks increments.

Play List

Brazilian Playground


Peki offers a tailored program centered on Brazilian culture and Portuguese language for groups of at least 5 children organized by age groups.

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