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NNW The New Normal World

This New Normal World needs to look backward for inspiration: Going back to basics and establishing routines with kindness and using every opportunity to connect family, face to face and heart to heart.

Blaming the E-World and Social Media cannot be our ready convenient excuses anymore for personal and familial disconnection and dissatisfaction. We must use our personal communication tools more wisely than ever. NOW we have time to face the dynamic of our families and there is no reason to abandon this crucial effort.

Who am I to insist on this mandate for etiquette activism?

A woman, a mother a human being who has been advocating for going back to basics in order to repair the present and restore the future!

We must develop our ability to be kind, secure, and consistent with our decisions. (As we are their first role models for life, right?)

So, regardless age group and interests, we all need to face our NNW reality and pay attention to the way that we are dealing with our genuine and real daily challenges, because we all are.


Meanwhile, I am presenting three Boxes of possibilities, from my previous experience and ideas, with a common statement:

“The New Normal World (NNW), a Way of Doing Things”- To educate (pedagogy ); To calm down ( psychology); To integrate (tradition); to inspire (spiritual)

1st Box: “Peki, a childhood experience”

A set up off an environment that inspire and guide children to new discovers and to improve a balanced development. I have been coming up with ideas to get children and families engaged on their cultures and nature for years, and always using a recreational and spontaneous approach to send a message and eventually teach them important values.

2nd Box: “Teen’s Lounge” (Good Luck with that Drs.!)

It is necessary to come up with a “New Reality” approach right now, but it seems that, as clueless as we are about the future, we are also unprepared to consider how presently to recalibrate expectations for our children and possibly other family members.

We need to show them the new possibilities with sustainable ideas and show that we are consistently supportive and sympathetic.

After all, in addition to full speed hormones, young adults, whether in the NNW or in any setting, contend with anxiety, doubt, feelings of inadequacy, and parental pressures.

As a woman and mother, I can reflect on the adolescent stage with both experiential sympathy but also a sense of both salutary and ambivalent distance. At times, I can barely fathom what a young adult is facing or how she or he is processing their realities and all its disruptions. Regardless, I am emphatically endorsing the idea of trying to connect and understand, worrying less these days about academic expectations than overall emotional stability.

3rd Box:

“ Peki Poppins” - It is my idea to try to cooperate with my previous experience and charisma to help “Family Time” online, encouraging simple games and activities to connect adults and young adults, adults and children, and each with the other. A constant regimen of interpersonal education, intercommunication, and recreation along with a daily dose of basic manners will relax anxious households and better situate ourselves among each other and into the future!

By and large, just relax a litlle bit, find some of those delivery boxes around you and come up with a fun idea.

Enjoy it!



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