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A T-Shirt, A Message!

A year ago, while visiting my home town in Brazil, I met my dearest friends "The Peixotos", and the Peixotinhos, Isabela 19, Olivia 17 and Felipe 16, Friends of Peki, since our first US-Brazil Playdate in São Paulo and they asked me to design T-Shirts together. In fact, the idea was not simply to paint and laugh, like when they were little because they had a meaningful purpose in mind. We were supposed to create our awareness of the New World. Each of us created our own message, but we all had one in common:#UNIT


And together we created the logo for the message of Peki Family: #LessIsMore

In fact, Zaba (Isabela), stop and said, with her sweetest smile and charming voice:

"Less is MUCH Better than More"

This is my T-shirt, my uniform, my message, my intention, and our action together.

I wear it! It is our way of doing things, kindly called by some children as "Pekizando", and now more than ever our unit is essential to build a more sustainable, emotionally balanced, and fair environment for all of us.

We all have experienced a painful lesson of NOT having the option of real contact or human presence, but basically e-life. No one can't stand screens anymore!!!!!! Online this, online that... OMG!!!! Next time we are together, do you think we are going to waste any precious moment to be on our devices instead of enjoying each other company?

I guess not, I hope not!


Last but not least, I would like to highlight the Head of Middle School at Riverdale Country School, Milton Sipp's last words from virtual graduation this year: "Get offline and get in line. Try not to have a conversation on social media, but have it with each other, have it with your classmates, push your family to have the conversation. Educate yourself!" - Informe yourself and use it as your passport to understand better the issues around you and how you can collaborate for improvement. "Be confident, be strong, and be wise!"

More QUALITY X Less stuff, less waste

(More human presence X Less on - line)

More FAMILY VALUES + RELATIONSHIPS X Less distance, material things

More JUSTICE + EDUCATION X Less stupidity, ignorance

More GREEN spaces X Less foolish constructions

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