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Sustainability VI: La Table

Manners, the table and organics, matter! It may sound symbolic, but the ritual of eating affects our life paths as well!

Being at the table, sharing the food itself, the moment for being together and connected and the uniqueness that each family or group of people, any tribe, to embrace, transmit and pay the deserved respect to your very own culture roots is tremendously powerful and necessary to form a balance environment, a Sustainable Happiness!!!

Sustainable Environment & Happiness




“La Table” Organic: Nurtures Body & Soul!

Eating healthy is good for your body and also positively affects your mood.

“Gut Foods,” according to a WSJ Article, is the result of doctors getting together with well known chefs around the country to create more and more options for super-healthy food.” Nutritional psychiatrists assert that the “gut brain” connection is the crux of managing anxiety and depression” for many.

“ We as nation need to start supporting community gardens and farm bills to make real food more available” - said Victoria Albina, a funcional- and - integrative - medicine nurse practitioner, herbalist and life coach.



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“A Fresh Approach”

“There’s a lot of innovation that is geared toward bringing people together and back to their food, which is the opposite of the order-your- food-online thing” –Brianne Miller, cofounder and chief operating officer of Nada, a package free grocery store opened last June in Vancouver.

Groceries with fresh and local products that are part of small communities are offering products that fulfill cultural niches and addressing some important needs, such as providing enthusiastic guidance for better eating habits. The new concept of grocery stores features unstaffed, automated facilities with no packing ( s less waste) supported by memberships.

“People feel like it’s their market and they need to defend it.” - Kandra Ramusson an owner of Farmhouse Market

I found that this article,“ A Fresh Approach”, was a good example of action, “Think Green: Seeding a Life Style,” which is related to: the ORGANIC industry. It shows why people are forming their “tribes” that subscribe to the “Think Green” mentality and utilizes “Role Models,” showing the importance of our cultural roots, establishing places that bring a sense of belonging. The food and rituals of eating are ways of showing values that we need in a healthy community which, after all, bring us to a possible SUSTAINABILITY Life.

In other words, a Sustainability Chain = Sustainable Environment + Sustainable Happiness

Bon Apétite!



Since 2004, our values in a Basket - photo Camila Dotta at a Peki Workshop in Jardim Europa/Brazil 2015 "Pink Party"

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