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Green Advice VI: The Benefits

Sustainability: The Benefits of a Green Vacation

Time: “Vacation of a vacation”: Time for a family relax agenda! Time to appreciate one’s surroundings should be the primary commitment

Sustainability Support: Go to places where the priority is a sustainable nature conservation closely aligned with a tourism development that empowers the local community economically

Emotional Meaning: It only increases the sense of belonging. Feeling being part of something very positive, because besides expending money on a vacation, the money is converted to benefit a sustainability chain. We are thirsty for meaningful and lasting experiences

Role Model: be a shining example so every child can

inspire the next generation and cause positive impacts in the world; understand the importance of choosing brands that value humans and the environment (work source, local producers,

clean production and manufacturing)

Health: The exposure to Natural environment is beneficial physically and mentally

My Dream Green, Blue, Orange…Vacation with my Family

I would love to take my family to a place like…

Perhaps my story will start sounding like my friend’s description of a “Perfect Safari” that I criticized on “My Green Advice II,” picturing the moments.

But it is not what I am going to do, I promise. In fact, it is because I used to do the very thing, trying to produce the moments as perfect as possible, to please every one, that I am here, sharing my thoughts and the message that I have learned with that. Regardless the chosen destination, we should have the possibility of finding joy and cultivating new values regarding our place in the global environment.

So I would choose Machangulo, Mozambique, the place I visited for my first Safari and let imagination flourish in its unforgettable habitat.

The idea of being surrounded by the Indian Ocean and a forest dune on one side and a nature reserve on the other is simply extraordinary, and it would be allow me to spend incredibly imaginative and instructive days with my love ones.

However, what really fascinates me as well is the concept of being part of something special, as a guest of the Ecosystem and the Community, knowing that sustainable nature conservation is the priority at the destination.

There are endless enchantments, like staying on top of the dunes facing the ocean, waking up at sunrise, and depending on the season, with a whale ballet or a symphony of birds and monkeys. All are glorious gifts from Nature that I will always cherish and never take for granted. Neither would my family.

Moreover, the natural pools are an special treat to visit for floating and snorkeling and one can also walk for hours on the beach alongside majestic dunes, accompanied by eagles flying by, passing by turtle nests, and astounded by the diversity of creatures. The experience is soul enhancing.

Also, when you need a break from the paradise encompassing marine life, it is time to turn around to another one, the wilderness’s wild world of verdant life. It is a smooth transition, as everything is at the same place, like a large ranch, a bounteous biosphere almost unimaginable without the experience. Driving on a dirt road through the bushes is like an endless dream, but suddenly the road takes you to the entrance of the park where you encounter more of your neighbors, various large animals all comfortably living in the backyard.

This is a type of vacation that I would pursue to bond more closely with my family, featuring a comfortable place for us to relax, with impeccable service and the most adorable details. It is an opportunity to connect with our essence, the real world, and with each other, and, ideally, much less commercial interference.

It does not mean that the trip is disorganized, but I praised for more spontaneity, more quality time and meaning.

There are operators around the world super-crafting reality into something far more fantastic, evoking uncommon senses of wonder. For example, they might be building perfect tents among the nomadic Sami people, for one night only, or leading a private expedition camp on a glacier—whatever adventure a family could possible dream of. Anything is possible! However, my first concern, regardless of all the other potential values of an affordable family trip anywhere in the world, is achieving that most precious and rare thing: lasting contentment.

In my dream world, if the trip is socially and ecologically kind to the Earth, then it is the best trip of them all.

My Reference

Eco Tourism: The Machangulo Private Nature Reserve

Renting a house or staying at a Lodge on the Bay Beach, means supporting:

The Peace Parks Foundation, a leader in two of most significant local conservation projects, the Ponto de Ouro Marine Reserve and the Maputo Special Reserve. The organization is run by a group of dedicated individuals passionate about the environment. The foundation owns the villas and leads the Machangulo Project, whose primary objective is to provide sustainable improvements for the local community in the areas of health, education, food security, and employment. The planned further development of Machangulo as a nature conservation tourist destination will extend these benefits to the local community and will empower the development of their community and way of life on their own terms.

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