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"Hands On" - Recycling & Making a Difference

We are very proud to share with you that PeKi participated on the BrazilFoundation‬ Young Fellows 2nd fundraising event at The Surf Lodge in the end of August, in Montauk. The "Artivista" Thiago Mundano and 50 other supporters came together to mobilize resources to benefit Pimp My Carroça, ( project for garbage collectors & the environment), raising $ 3,500.00.

It was a beautiful example of an action that bonded children and parents to support such an important work. Playing together, they learned, contributed and had so much fun. Peki set up the stage for the kids flourish their creativity, making their own art with the recyclable garbage that they brought from home, while appreciating the artist Mundano painting the canvas. After all, they proudly helped to sell some art to raise money for a cause that they learned that was to protect our Mother Earth. Moreover, the parents thanked Peki for creating an opportunity for them to work with their children in a very joyfully environment.

Thank you everyone who made a difference that afternoon!

Please read more about the Project and the artist:

"Pimp My Carroça in New YorkJuly 30, 2015The “artivist” Mundano visited New York last week to give talks and hold an event about Pimp My Carroça, a movement to promote dignity for independent waste collectors in Brazil and around the world. His first stop was the BrazilFoundation office on July 23rd, where Mundano gave a talk on the project and led a discussion with 25 guests. The project has been supported by the Foundation since 2014 and works to bring public and government attention to the important environmental work that the collectors do. Brazil does not have public policies that mandate recycling. As a result, only 3% of all waste produced in the country is recycled, 90% of which is recycled because of the efforts of independent waste collectors. “My goal was to wake people up, so that they don’t hold prejudice against collectors who are doing honest work, so that they see them with admiration…At first I was satisfied with just receiving a smile in return. Now I want to do even more. The collectors and I all think they should be paid for their work”, said Mundano. " -

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