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Aftrenoon in SP Brain Storming about our Sustainability Club

Peki Sustainability Club: Less is Better than More

The Mission is to create an easy, possible and fun way of practicing sustainability actions


  • Learning while playing with more freedom is more effective

  • Less is More: Less material, information and option per time is important for deeper appreciation and emotional satisfaction

  • Culture Roots bring a sense of belonging and self-steam


  • Encourage activities and hobbies that connect children and parents

  • More experimental with children engaging in interactive activities within the curriculum and taking beyond the borders of the school

  • Build the atmosphere and time for children to develop their skills and have a chance to choose on their own

Through a recreational agenda children experience activities that are developed to connect them with nature and explore the relationship between their learning mindset and skills, passions and wellbeing.

The club brings up programs to celebrate the power of nature, as well the relevance and impact of culture heritage.

There is no engaged individuals, passionatelly enough to work on a change, if there is not self motivation and well being, and for that, it is essential to have continuity on the habits between:

  • Home

  • School

  • Community


The Club:

  1. Must be Fun! We find a positive and responsible way to communicate

  2. Helps to find each one’s best potential to act environmentally correct.

  3. Cultivates families’s heritage culture and bring up different cultures’s values and traditions to incorporate with the whole group.

  4. Practices the most effective definition of sustainability: “waste less” (Jaime Lerner’s approach, our Friend and Ambassador) - Create and be more satisfied with less material

  5. Educates and influences the new generation

Do you want your child to learn about Sustainability?

A Lesson starts with: LOVE!

Sustainability starts with…. Kindness!!!! To other beings and to the world around us.

  • Support a Sustainable Environment

  • Support Sustainable Happiness


"Garbage is a way of doing important things, of using our imagination to do more with less".

Why Garbage?

I have chosen it as a starting point to educate and influence more people to engage in supporting the #sustainabilitychain



  • Instruments (Ex.: Group Quabales @quabales /Social collaboration)

  • Sculptures

  • Chess (RethinkRecycle @gothamcitychess

  • Ornaments (NatalECO)


  • Compost

  • Planting


  • Cooking

  • Manners

  • Fixing/Reusing

What is expected from the participants after Peki’s sustainability experience? More confidence in their talents, fluency on their families’ cultures and kindness toward nature and last, but not least, improvement on daily habits for a healthier life style.

Go Greener and Happier!


Vanessa & PeKi Team

P.S.: Big Dream for the PSC:

TRIPS around the Globe: Eco Traveling + Social Work


Felipe & Isabela



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