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Why Garbage?

Making Peace with Garbage







#PeKiSustainability Club


I have chosen it as a starting point to educate and influence more people to engage in supporting the sustainability chain.

I have been playing and having fun with Garbage for the past 15 years. Garbage is a creative and informal approach to teaching, detached from a formal curriculum or method, which entails coming up with ideas together with friends & family on how to practice our core values (and by always having fun!):

  1. Letting kids be kids and as adults, being cool about it. That means means, encouraging more time for pause, spontaneity and letting go...

  2. Raising children with a sense of belonging, by celebrating, cultivating and connecting with our ROOTS, through shared families culture, and community integration

  3. Playing “ECO” through activities that create a chain of sustainable way of life including planting and cooking with organic products, using recyclables for (oh!) so many things!

  4. Playing SOCIO though activities that incorporate the values of respect for one another including community work and philanthropic giving.

  5. And, allowing for magic to seep in through a certain atmosphere and natural enchantment, the ability to awaken our imagination, free of pre and misconceptions.

Garbage is a way of doing important things, of using our imagination to do more with less.

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